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The Year in Review – Successes and Challenges

Every year, I look back as I plan forward and I think about my successes over the past year. I spend a moment (or two) “setting in the pride of success”- embracing the work done, the projects completed, the goals achieved, the people met along the way. I do this as I plan for the year ahead to inspire, motivate, and align my energy in a positive space. Goal planning for a new year can be daunting and this exercise helps me frame the accomplishments of the past while harnessing the focus for the future.

I also look back over the many challenges encountered during the prior year – both professional and personal. As I reflect over this past year, I thought “Have I experienced fewer challenges than in years past?” The answer was certainly No – there were as many challenges. There may have even been more if I were to have tallied a “count.”

Why did it then seem less daunting to look back or even to have worked through those challenges? I believe the answer to that is simple – I am at a place in life where I now rise to meet the challenges life presents. The experience of life has provided that “practice” in rising to meet the challenges over time. I have realized that it is all in how I approach and deal with those challenges presented to me. I now know my strength and have a deeper understanding of perseverance, commitment, and character.

I have also learned what I will tolerate and what I won’t tolerate at work, at home, with friends, and with family. The learning journey of life is such an experience if we embrace it for what it is…the successes and the challenges!

“Challenges are what makes life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
– Joshua J. Marine 

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