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Transformation and Change

Transformation is never easy and neither is change. As I think about the two for me, they are markedly different experiences. This is the fourth time in my career I am going through a change and driving a transformation simultaneously.
Moving – finding a new location to live, packing, coordinating a move, unpacking. New dentists, new doctors, new hair stylist, working a new grocery store strategy. Where’s the Starbucks? All the big things that matter in a move. Stressful? Can be. An adventure? Always!

If I could focus simply on the move itself – it might not be so bad. But with the changes a move can bring I’ve always had to work a move change with a career change.

Changes in career – responsibilities, leadership level, geography, new teams – all lend themselves to some great opportunities to practice the art of assessment and transformation.

Transformation starts with an assessment of the people, the practices, and the processes. You gain great insight into the culture of an organization and a team by listening, learning, and asking questions. A quick study and the transformation experience begins. As a leader, setting the stage for connection and conversation is critical. Sharing a vision and the guard rails of leadership responsibilities.

The gifts of transformation and change have fostered my growth and development and forced me to assess priorities. Setting a pace that is manageable and not too aggressive – clearly a lesson that I needed to learn- for myself and to ensure I am not over the top for those around me. This is the gift of patience and understanding the journey cadence.

As I step into this new move and the changes it brings – I am going to manage the change and not let it manage me. It’s an adventure! The opportunity that a new leadership role brings feeds my energy and spirit. I love the opportunity that a new team brings and working with the human experience. That’s an adventure as well!

Time to get provisioned up for the journey ahead and the adventure that awaits me!

2 thoughts on “Transformation and Change”

  1. So true. Moving can be a tough time, I hate not knowing where things are in the grocery store. It is so amazing to start working with a new organization and getting to the root of issues. Listening to employees at all levels really helps you find issues. I really love the coming up with a plan and in a year you will start to see the fruit of your labor. I know you will be awesome and they would be better for it.

  2. DearLeslie,
    Always a change challenge us, but at the same time is an opportunity to discover our new surroundings and opportunities to help others and flourish as individuals and as communities!
    Every day is a blessing and it is a part of our journey in life.

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