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Leaving Behind In 2016

As we enter 2017 and reflect on the future ahead, it’s also good to look at what we are leaving behind. Things, ideas, people, expectations, goals – you name it, we can leave it behind. This serves as a purging of sorts and can provide some exercise of the unnecessary!
Over the course of 2016, I came to realize (in a very strong and powerful manner) that my voice matters and that what I say has value. Not because I am anyone special but because I am me and that is special enough. My opinions, thoughts, and ideas are just as valuable as anyone else’s opinions, thoughts, or ideas. I have lived life and experienced challenges as well as success. I have knowledge, education, and awareness in my industry, in history, in world events, etc. And as such, I have educated and insightful thoughts, opinions, and ideas. They may not be in a fashion that aligns with how others think or their view of the world, but that’s okay. For years I let my voice be “quieted” to some extent based on my self-confidence, especially at work. I am leaving this behind in 2017. I will not let anyone make me feel like my voice (my opinions, thoughts, visions, and insights) is less than.
I am also going to leave behind multi-tasking (okay to be honest I am going to try ….really hard). We all know how it feels when we are talking with someone and they are taking peeks at their cell phone or start responding to a text message. The feeling is that my conversation or my presence is less important than a text or an email. My commitment is to try to be mindful of being present and being in the moment with the person I am connected with. It’s a matter of respect and treating others the way you want to be treated. What is more important than the conversation you are in at that moment?
I am leaving negativity and criticism behind in 2017. It’s simply not nice behavior. I am not going to participate in it and I will not silently support it by being a part of those conversations. Life is filled with too many wonderful things to focus on the negative.
Finally, I am leaving behind rigid expectations – of myself, of others, and of the world. Being in the moment and living in the context of life and doing the best I can each day with what I have will keep me present, serene, and a better version of myself…for my family, my colleagues, and for me!
Leave behind the anchors that have dragged you down in 2016. Think about the things that caused angst and did not add value to your life. Write them down, let them go, and get on with the business of living!
Make 2017 be exactly what you want it to be – on your terms and for you!

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  1. I love this!!! It is so true and so easy to be silenced. Many of the same commitments I have made for 2017. I am excited about the future and am done with feeling less than and not enough.

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