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Working Women’s Survival – What I Learned from Jenn

I read a great blog article a few weeks ago titled Practical Tips for Women. The article’s focus was on business travel and business settings, the differences between men and women in that space, and how women can offer other women tips on how to manage navigating those situations.
My first instinct was to focus on the business setting challenge. My tip on how to manage the business setting of a meeting is to manage it “like a boss” – owning that seat at the table and ensuring I did in fact sit at the table. Great advice and certainly a tip I share with people I mentor – both men and women!
But then I began to think more about the practical tips I have gathered over the years that have simply made being a career professional easier on me and certainly those around me. I then thought about a former colleague of mine (we will call her Jenn). She was super organized from the day I met her. Jenn had a bag that had every possible need one could have in a business meeting. She had extra power cords, extra phone cords, pens, markers, highlighters, paper – you name it, she had it in the bag!
She also had an organized bag of “life needs” – band aids, Tylenol, nylons, chapstick, mints, etc. If I ever needed something, my go to person was Jenn! Jenn and I worked on and off together for a number of years and I often thought her organization was on the border of a compulsion. That is, until I began to travel for work. I was always forgetting either a hairbrush, hairspray, a toothbrush, or mascara. After some time, I created my travel cosmetic bag, my travel hairbrushes, and my travel makeup bag. Exact duplicates of what I use every day but sitting in travel bags in my suitcase. I also included nylons and an extra pair of sunglasses. When I travel now (whether it be for a day, a few nights, or a week) the only things I need to pack are clothes and shoes. Seems like such a small thing but it saves so much time and leaves no room for error.
Now when I pack to travel, I think of Jenn and her obsession to be organized – she had it right all along. It saved her time, saved her sanity, and while we worked together it saved mine!

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