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Life gets busy and you go through the measures of the day – at work and at home. Then you need to do something on a more forward-planning and strategic basis and you stop. In your tracks. Cold. What do I do? I am stuck. You freeze and you don’t know how to get “unstuck”. Are you procrastinating? Are you tired? Uninspired? You try to get out of the rut but somehow you can’t.

If you are a fast paced career woman (perhaps juggling a family and other outside activities) getting “stuck” can be a scary thing. We typically don’t think much about the “stuck experience” when we are on our “A” game, operating on all cylinders.

So know this: from my experience, getting “stuck” happens to all of us at one time or another. Getting “unstuck” can be hard work and can also seem like a mountain to conquer.

A wise mentor has coached me through being “stuck.” That mentor shared a few key questions to consider in those moments:

• What exactly is stopping you from moving forward?

• Do you have a fear of failing?

• Or do you have a fear of success?

• Are you avoiding dealing with a specific task?

• Do you not know how to do something?

• Are you overwhelmed?

• What exactly is the roadblock in your way?

The experience of being stuck can sometimes be an opportunity to reassess where you are in life and what you want. It can be the catalyst for action or change. Then as my mentor shared with me: “Move forward, one step at a time…that is how the journey begins.”

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