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A Financial Advisor, A Hairdresser, and The Village

Selecting a financial advisor includes a combination of selection criteria – knowledge, experience, and most important, relational trust. I count selecting my financial advisor on the same scale as selecting a doctor and a hairdresser!

I avoided the concept of securing a financial advisor for a long time. I knew it was the right thing to do, I just wasn’t comfortable on how to move forward. Very good friends of mine who were saving, traveling, and securing their future retirement shared their experience with me. I was able to discuss my fears and my concerns and work through my trepidation.

I did an informational interview with the financial advisor and the connection was immediate. I knew this was someone I could trust – someone who wanted to know me, my family, and our goals. He assured me that our plan would be to focus on my short term and long term goals and we would travel the road together. If my goals changed, we would adapt.

That was 7 years ago. We are still working together today. He knows my family and our life situations as they have changed over the past years. I trust him and he has my family’s best interest at heart. In fact, as he changed firms I went with him. I could not imagine anything different because it was him, not the firm itself, that I worked with.

Today I have a long term plan for retirement. We travel, we bought a new house, we have financial resources and a plan that we review a few times a year. I will live a comfortable, fun retirement (if I ever decide to retire). We have a will and a trust that cares for our family after we are gone. My family’s future is cared for and that is comforting. I have peace of mind and security in knowing he is working towards my family’s goals.

My experience is relational and that combined with his knowledge, skills, and experience makes it a perfect fit. I want to work with someone who is willing to be a partner in my financial life.

We review our goals every year and when our goals shift and change (as they do when your life changes) he helps our financial plan align with our goals.

The most important part of working with my financial advisor has been when the unexpected happens. He is typically the second person we call and he is there to work us through it and to let us know we are going to be ok. Then he gets to the brass tacks of walking us through the steps for today, tomorrow, and the future.

I know that I would not be where I am today financially without my financial partner. He is a part of the village that helps me live my life!

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