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Recharging Your Batteries!

Just having returned from a much needed vacation, I had some time to reflect on recharging and unplugging from the demands of my career. 

This vacation was not a sit at the beach and chill vacation. Rather we took a family vacation (all 9 of us) to Disney World. We were up early, on the go, and busy all day long. But it was a great break from the busyness of work! Being detached from work and being present for every moment of the trip brought me such joy and true happiness. After a vacation (no matter what the vacation is) there is no doubt that I return to work recharged, refreshed, and re-energized. Time away from the demands of work relieves stress and prevents burnout!

I am confident that I returned to work with a reinvigorated passion that will improve my work performance. I have some fabulous memories of my time away with my family and I know that I earned (and deserved) the break. I know that vacations to Disney aren’t always possible but there are many other ways to reenergize and recharge yourself. Walking, working out, reading a book, visits to family, lunch with a friend, going to the movies, a cup of tea – are all ways to PAUSE and take a break from the demands of work. It is so important to recharge and replenish your personal energy supply – it not only increases your mental health, but your physical health as well. 

Take a moment for yourself – you deserve it! Plan vacations or other ways to recharge your batteries!

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