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The Practice of Executive Presence

This week my blog post is simply a reflection from an article I read (reread) last week. It resonated with me as I was asked to provide some coaching on executive presence. Such an interesting concept and often provided as coaching for women – develop your executive presence!

As I think about the article (shared below) – I will consider this week how I best demonstrate Gravitas:

Gravitate Toward Gravitas

A leader has gravitas if she exudes excellence, remains calm under pressure and commands others to listen but knows when to be silent. Sylvia Hewitt, CEO of the Center for Talent Innovation, breaks down gravitas to these six traits:

· grace under fire
· decisiveness
· integrity
· emotional intelligence
· reputation, and
· vision.
Teresa Taylor, former COO of Qwest Communications, proved her gravitas at a meeting where she was the only woman there and a man asked, “Can someone take notes?” Wanting the men to regard her as a leader, she ignored the awkward silence until a male VP stepped up. ‘Wait for the uncomfortable moment,’ she advised.”

My personal challenge for the week will be to gather examples of Gravitas and to share my findings!


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