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Coaching to Performance Excellence

I have been having so many conversations recently about coaching (in the workplace). It is truly quite fascinating how many people feel that coaching is a bad thing – in the workplace it has such a negative connotation. As I share these conversations with my team I leverage the analogy of professional sports – highly compensated professional athletes are coached in many ways – how to practice and focus on skill development, what to eat to drive maximum benefits nutritionally, how to visualize success and manage any “blocks” they have in their minds, and advisors on financial management.
These athletes are idolized in the sports enthusiast population and deemed “perfect” by many – we are in awe of these supreme athletes. Coaching is the key to their initial success and moreso continued success. Coaching is the way in which people become truly their best self – at work, at home, and in the world community. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to coach and to be coached – but any good sports team and any good company realizes the benefits of coaching to the success of the employee and the business!

Reset your view of coaching – it is the opportunity be your best “you”!

The article below is a truly good read on the subject!

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