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Long Weekends: Relax

For so long, I would make all of these crazy plans for long weekends – someone was having a party, someone was having a cookout, there was always someone to visit and someplace I felt compelled to go. 

Over the years, I have embraced long weekends as a chance to “live life” and do some of the things I simply enjoy doing – reading, watching a movie, running errands with my husband, even taking a nap in the middle of the day.For me, the key to enjoying this “down time” has been to own my choices. Much like the scariness sometimes of owning your voice, owning your choices can be a bit scary as well. We all know that someone is going to feel slighted if you choose to stay home versus attending their cookout or an outing with them. It happens to all of us and what we need to try and practice is making choices that put us first.

For me, the busy rigor of the work week demands that I take some time on the weekends to reenergize and that requires choices. So there may be times when I don’t go to all of the events offered up as invitations over a weekend. It’s simply a choice I am making, not to put anyone else second or third but to put myself first.

And at this point in my life, putting myself as my first priority feels pretty good. It is power and serenity combined. Give it a try! Give yourself permission to put yourself first and see how liberating it can feel.

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