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Leadership Moments of Truth

In a couple weeks, I have the opportunity (and responsibility) of bringing in a new leader into my organization and into Comcast. As I have been preparing for her arrival, I have had the opportunity to reflect on what was one of the most amazing onboarding experiences that I have ever had …. coming into Comcast.
I was welcomed into the organization with a well thought out plan for my first few weeks (a daily schedule) and a mentor and sponsor assigned to me. All of the meet and greet sessions were scheduled for me and facilitated by the HR organization. I was able to be carefully introduced to the senior leadership team and my direct report team in a structured but casual manner. I was provided all of the necessary tools and information to help me get comfortable quickly. Every detail was literally scripted out for me and as a new leader entering an organization and a company – that foundation was refreshing!

So I fast forward to this moment, this moment that is in my hands to create a leadership moment of truth; to do what was done for me and pay the “onboarding experience” forward; to ensure every detail is well thought out; and to ensure every key player on the team has a role in the process of welcoming the new leader to the team.

The details matter – ensuring her office is ready to go and all of the IT equipment is ready, creating moments of connection with peers, colleagues and her new team. Ensuring the time daily to do a check-in on how things are going and get a pulse on the acclimation process.

A well thought out onboarding process is not for the faint of heart – it takes a lot of preparation and organization. After you hire the right person, ensuring the onboarding effort is as thorough as the hiring effort is critical.

This is truly an opportunity as a leader where you can create a “moment of truth” and it can be a lasting memorable moment for your new employee. Don’t waste the moment – make it fabulous!

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