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Your Work Journal: the art and benefit of taking notes

Seems silly right? Who doesn’t take notes? Go to a meeting – take notes. Join a conference call – take notes. Meet with a client – take notes. We try and listen to the call, pay attention in the meeting, and ensure engagement with a client. Add in the rigor of taking notes – well each of us is likely to miss something in the discussion and conversation. We all listen for what is important and what matters to us specifically. That information we capture.The meeting ends and someone inevitably sends out a follow-up from the meeting – you scan your notes. You don’t even recall that follow-up, never mind that topic of conversation. Yikes – now what?

I have found this occurring recently and have identified a “meeting buddy” (unbeknownst to them) and after the meeting (or call) will ask to share notes or to validate what I captured and if I missed anything. This has been a tremendous help as we hasten the pace of business actions and initiatives – assuming everyone captures every item.

I like the discipline of taking notes. I like capturing the experience in words and phrases that mean something to me and that can easily generate recall. But again, like many of us, I miss taking notes on certain parts of a call or a meeting.

My next experiment in this art of capturing information will be to ask someone overtly to be a “meeting partner” so we can debrief and fill in gaps we may have each missed during the conversations.

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