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It’s a Monday kind of thing!

Changing my blog post up this morning given my happenings of the day: so I realized this morning (after I was in the office for about 30 minutes) that I had left my cell phone either in my car or at home. 

I typically would have picked this up quickly as I have usually tried to make calls enroute to work or send a text (or two) in the morning before I leave my house. I am trying to do things differently for some better balance and peace of mind. I haven’t watched CNN in the morning in days – the news can set the day up sometimes in the wrong way for me. I have instead chosen to start my day having coffee at the table and looking out of my slider into the beautiful backyard we now have and simply enjoying the view.I have also started listening to acoustic or indie music on my way to work in order to set an intention for a day of purposeful meaning. That helps me think and gets me ready for the day ahead.

So today there was no reason to expect my cell phone would be right on my person. I had no true need for it until I got into work and then set up my stuff for the day – after a casual conversation with a colleague. No cell phone – oh my. Went out to check the car – not there. Hmmm – yes, I realized it is likely still on the counter at home. It’s a Monday kind of thing – that was the email I sent out to peers and my team and indicated if they want to reach me, my office number or IM is the best course of action. I actually had to ask someone what my office number was – I didn’t even know.

Usually I panic if I forget my phone, however today is different. I am embracing the disconnection from the tethered device. I haven’t checked Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. I haven’t received or sent any text messages from family or colleagues. I haven’t checked the stock market or the weather.

Today at work I am present – I am able to be focused on the task at hand and not the buss of the phone or the ding of a text. Have I really accomplished more in 2 hours than a typical Monday? It feels that way.

So this freedom of being present and being focused is actually a great way to learn and practice disconnect from technology. It’s not comfortable, but it is more than manageable.

Instead of being stressed, anxious, or feeling out of control – I am adapting and am chalking this lesson up to “It’s a Monday kind of thing!”

2 thoughts on “It’s a Monday kind of thing!”

  1. Love this! I would like to make it an everyday kind of thing, before we relied so heavily upon cell phones.

  2. I like it. I sometimes listen to TED talks they have a lot of great topics to help set the focus!

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