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What Truly Matters

What truly matters?I think we all instinctively know what matters most. Sharing my observations over the past few weeks of moments that don’t truly matter:

  • A flight delayed by 30 minutes. While it is frustrating and could potentially have you miss a connecting flight or be late for a meeting, it’s only a delay in a flight. Likely for a good reason (safety).
  • A long line at the grocery store. Again, while somewhat annoying – a good opportunity to read a part of a magazine while you wait.
  • Traffic. Always an annoyance – but a good time to turn the radio on to some good tunes and literally go with the flow of the situation.
  • Working on a project with a tight deadline – putting in an 18 hour day vs. asking for an extension. What have you got to lose by asking? Worst case scenario: the answer is no and you work that 18 hours. Best case scenario: you get the extension, you get some rest and likely do a better quality job on that project!

Life is short – the moments that matter are those with family and friends. It’s easier said than done but inhaling and exhaling and putting things into perspective is good for your mind, your emotional well-being, and the quality of living.

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