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Lessons in Leadership

When I think back to the day of the service held for Mark, I continue to be in awe of the people who came to pay respects who worked with Mark over the many years of his career. What resonated with me was the genuine moments of human connection Mark had with the people he worked with, the people he worked for, and the people who worked for him. Many tears were shed and kind words and stories shared about a man who was a true people leader.
Mark was the epitome of people leadership and that was his primary focus – and as such, the business P&L grew and he made turnaround markets a true success. Behind all of that were the stories of people he gave a chance to and people who he believed in for growing career roles. He took the time to coach, mentor, and connect with people – everyday.

Mark served in a capacity as my coach, confidant, and mentor to help me work through business and leadership challenges. I miss his perspective. He always had a unique way of framing a situation for me to help me broaden my view and consider an alternative point of view. I trusted him with my leadership challenges to guide me.

I think what is also most interesting is that when we wrote Mark’s obituary we never once shared any of his career. We simply shared who he was as a man – a father, a husband, a brother, a son. Mark was a genuinely kind and caring person. He held fast onto what is right and what is wrong – his values never wavered. This is what made him such a marvelous leader.

Lessons in leadership come in many ways and experiences. Sometimes if you are lucky enough you can experience leadership in your home, with your partner, and learn those lessons every day.


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