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Spring Blog

Spring. A season of new beginnings and living in gratitude.

As we enter the season of spring (finally for those of us in New England!) I find myself thinking back over the past two seasons (winter and fall) and understanding more the journey of life I have travelled. Today I am grateful….for so many things:

  • A 34 year friendship that included a 30 year marriage. Years of happiness joy tears sadness sacrifice struggles and an inordinate amount of love laughter and lightness. I love you Mark
  • Beautiful caring and kind children whose family love is unbreakable
  • My littles who bring a smile to my face and a spark to my life and fill my heart with love
  • My family – they are my foundation, my people and I am blessed
  • Friends near and far – these people are my village and I love them all
  • Work that I enjoy – my work keeps me learning; keeps me sharp and keeps me focused on things other than myself. The work I do helps people live and enjoy their lives and that is important – I know the work I do makes a difference

I have climbed a steep mountain these past 8+ months and this journey has not been easy. I see the top and the lightness. I know that all of you have been with me along the way. That has helped tremendously.

Today I can say I am proud of myself and I know my truth. I am proud of my husband Mark and the life he lived. He was loving, he was kind and he made a difference to all that ever knew him. He was light. I am proud of our life together- all of it. Our experiences created a life I am grateful for today. I miss him terribly but I know he would be proud – of my journey; of the journey of our family; of our strength and of the knowledge of what truly matters in this world. It is kindness …… in whatever form it presents itself that matters. The kindness in a simple thank you or in letting someone into traffic. Kindness in a phone call simply to say hello, I am thinking about you. Kindness at work when you see someone and smile.

In this season of Spring think about new beginnings and kindness – to yourself and others.

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4 thoughts on “Spring Blog”

  1. Gratitude in action and witnessing the beauty as you come out of the darkness. Thank you, you are an amazing woman. I am honored to know you.

  2. Love this! We could all chose a little more kindness. It seems so many personalize so many things: getting cut off, a co-worker didn’t tell me something, or meeting cancellations. We don’t think man I hope that person driving isn’t dealing with a tragedy, the co-worker must have made a mistake, or they had some emergency bigger thing at the moment- they knew I could handle it. #More kindness and caring!!

  3. Thank you Leslie,
    Spring is the season of blossoming which provide us an oportunitty to appreciate our present while honoring and remembering our past, so the future can look brighter.
    I am happy to read your blog that is full of wisdom and helps me to appreciate more my own family.


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