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Spring Cleaning

We have all heard about “spring cleaning” – our homes; our yards etc. The process of refreshing one’s home décor; clothes; gardens and getting rid of old things and welcoming new is typical of the change of season from winter to spring.

I am challenging myself this year to “spring clean” professionally. I am realigning some goals and working on some brand repositioning. It is interesting to consider “spring cleaning your professional life”. We have the opportunity to clean up and refresh our personal and professional brands; tidy up our networks and networking goals; and perhaps refresh our goals for the rest of the year (most peoples “New Year’s goals” are either already done or they forgot about them by now).

This is a great time to stop and pause and fine tune the job search for those on the job search. A great time to pause and consider your personal/professional development for the next leg of your career journey.

Just as important as it is to spring clean your house, spring cleaning your professional life can be just as rewarding and crucial to success.

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