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Leaning In To Have Your Voice Heard

Leaning in to have your voice heard. A simple message of meaning.

I have come to realize in a very strong and powerful manner that my voice matters and that what I say has value. Not because I am anyone special but because I am me and that is special enough. My opinions, thoughts, and ideas are just as valuable as anyone else’s opinions, thoughts, or ideas. I have lived life and experienced challenges as well as success. I have knowledge, education, and awareness in my industry, in history, in world events, etc. I have interests and experiences. And as such, I have educated and insightful thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Not always popular, not always correct to some, but always of value. Not to be diminished.

For so many years I let my voice be “quieted” to some extent based on my self-confidence, especially at work. Today I will not let anyone make me feel like my voice (my opinions, thoughts, visions, and insights) are less than.

Today I know my value, I know my worth and that for me has been one of my “lean in” moments

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  1. I think this is common amongst women. Iam with you that we must make a constant effort to be heard. We must also stay relevant and know what to speak of. Great blog as always. Carmen

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