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Professional Success

“Success looks different for everyone.” Professional success for me is:

• Building a team – a strong connected team

• Living with kindness and transparency – being my authentic self

• Respecting the business and operating like an owner

• When someone tells me I impacted their life; their career

What does professional success look for you?

What are some words of wisdom you can provide to both women and men concerning women working in a male dominated workforce?

1 thought on “Professional Success”

  1. Dear Leslie,
    Profesional success to me can be measured by:
    1. The positive impact made to the ones depending on my decisions at home or at work.
    2. The savings produced not only in terms of dollars but also in terms of organizational harmony.
    3. The work atmosphere created which encourages collaboration and accountability.
    4. The diversity of talent included in decision making from every race, credo, sexual orientation, nationality, and social status.
    5. The meaningful results in times of adversity.
    6. The number of people promoted or mentored in the organization.
    7. Finally, by the number of new future leaders created.

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