Empowering Women

Words of Wisdom: Working in a male dominated workforce

What have I learned over the course of my career?

• People can do anything given the opportunity – with the right knowledge, skills, and ability – and a support infrastructure woman can be successful in male dominated fields

• Paying it forward is not simply expected – but required. In order to ensure women rise in non-traditional fields, those who have cleared the pathways (no matter how much clearing or how little clearing has to be done) must reach out to other women and support and lift their journey. We owe that to one another

• Focus on your knowledge, skills, and leadership – improve them & excel at them – do not focus on the naysayers.

• Know that every opportunity that comes your way is an opportunity to continue to clear the way for the next generation of women to rise higher and make more of an impact with fewer obstacles. That is a part of your legacy!

• Do not apologize – stop saying “I’m sorry.” Do not use qualifiers when you speak – own your conversation!

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