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A Million Little Things

A Million Little Things premiers on September 26th. The dramatic series begins with a suicide of a friend; a husband; a father and how the lives of those left behind are impacted and forever changed. The pieces that resonates most for me in the trailer (other than that they are from Boston) is the never-ending question of “how did I not know”?

My hope is that this series keeps the conversation going in a transparent and realistic fashion. Perhaps it will reinforce some key “people” attributes: that we are kind to one another; that we are free to share our fears, our worries and our fragile state sometimes; and that we connect and outreach to our loved ones.

Finally my hope is that these messages create moments for people to reflect and then truly live their lives – do what you love; be your authentic self; enjoy every moment in front of you and live your life.


(I do realize that this is an ABC show – you can stream from your Xfinity app on your Xfinity mobile phone) #IamComcast

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