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Thoughts on Work Life Integration: Part I

Over the next 5 weeks I will be sharing segments of an article I wrote on work life integration. It’s a bit of a long article so felt it was appropriate to share via my blog in chunks. Hoping that you find some pearls of wisdom in the musings over the next 5 weeks.

My best, Leslie


Thoughts on Work Life Integration Part I:


Technology advances and our always “on” – always “connected” global workforce has blurred the lines between one’s professional life and personal life. Technology has provided us so many amazing advantages but it also means we are all available 24/7. Technology has changed the way we work, the way we live, and the way we get things done. Everyone – colleagues, friends, family – demands immediacy in terms of instant communication and an instant connection. Where are the boundaries? Should we even be looking for clear cut boundaries? Or do they appear in small segments on an as required basis? 

Work life balance is seemingly not even a possibility to strive for – our work life bleeds over into our personal life and our personal life requires our attention during our “workday”. Integration of work and life is an approach to consider to best care for all facets of our lives successfully – given that compartmentalizing our lives is no longer a possibility …… if it ever truly was.

When we consider an integrated life we need to reconsider these boundaries between our work lives and our personal lives. How do we manage them? How much control do we feel we have in this integrated life we live? How willing are we to take that control for ourselves?

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