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Be Aware

During this time of change …. in the way we live …. the way we work …. the way we connect … we all need to simply Be Aware. As we navigate through now weeks of pandemic social distancing and self-quarantine, I would ask each of us to think about the following:

Be Aware of those who seem down and sad. People with depression, in situations like this, can find life even more challenging. Getting up and getting out of bed could be the biggest accomplishment of their day. Work quality might not be where it used to be, and production may not be where it used to be.    I’m not asking you to change your expectations, I’m not asking you to do things differently, I’m simply asking that you are aware of how people operate and how people may “seem”and how people are demonstrating perhaps some of the stress and living in this environment. You may not change anything about your expectations, but I believe that if you’re aware you can be a little kinder a little more excepting and likely a better partner – both in work and in life.

Be Aware of the elderly who may be living alone or isolated in assisted-living facilities. We may not get to see them, but we can certainly be creative! If they are technology savvy, we can FaceTime. If they are not you could always do a drive-by “window visit”. Dropping off groceries, offering to pick things up at a pharmacy, …  those things show how much we love our people <3

Be Aware of those who are grieving. Those who have lost parents, children, spouses, friends. Grieving is hard enough, and the journey is long. Adding in the new world of social isolation can make grief worse and can make it seem like you have started the grief process all over again. Again, I’m not asking you to change anything … I’m simply asking you to be aware.  Be aware of your language, be aware of your interactions, perhapsbe extra kind or take an extra moment to reach out to someone who is in any stage of grief.

Be Aware of those who are sick, be aware of those who are in the hospital and keep them in your thoughts, your heart and your prayers (if you pray)

Be Aware of our essential employees … our doctors; our nurses; our EMTs; our social workers; our cleaning people; our grocery workers; our postal workers; our trash pick-up people; our janitors. People putting their lives on the line every day to make sure that we are healthy, that we are cared for, that we have food and clean places and clean communities to live it. Essential workers come in all shapes and sizes:• The people who keep the Internet going, the news on the air,TV programming that can help us in times like this …. • Our educators who are learning a brand-new way of teaching and engaging students. Our students (especially the little ones where classrooms matter are now sitting at kitchen tables and desks in their home learning in a whole different way).

Be Aware of the single moms and dads who are trying to work,raise children, cook, clean and educate. It’s a heavy burden andthey are doing remarkably well. Perhaps you can send them something that lifts their spirits even as simple as a text to say you’re doing a great job and we love you <3

Let me end this with there are a lot of cranky people out there they were probably cranky before this started and this just adds to their crankiness let’s be aware of them. There are a lot of people who are scared and anxious which makes them cranky even if they’ve never been cranky before … let’s be aware of them.

Let’s simply be aware of one another! We need a kinder nation, a caring nation in a place where we are aware of one another and how are all managing in the environment that we are in. We should have been doing this anyway but now is a moment in time where we can all lean in and simply be aware

Be kind. Be aware. Be forgiving. We are all in this together. #beaware2020

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