About Blog

I am very different from you but so much the same. 

My life – as a career professional; a mother; a wife; a daughter; a sister; a member of my community – has been very different from yours but again so much the same.

My journey has not always been easy in any aspect of my life – but certainly much less difficult than others.

The challenges in my career, my role as a parent, and dealing with difficulty and success on this road of life is why I wanted to create this blog. I have consistently sought insight, experiences, knowledge, and stories from others who have lived through the many facets of life and who have selflessly shared those stories/experiences/knowledge. I found those stories and experiences very helpful. Knowing I was not alone and understanding how others managed to “live life” was important.
As was done for me throughout my professional career, I have and continue to do the same for others. Whether it is serving as a mentor, a sponsor, or a coach, I am committed to “paying it forward.” My passion for diversity and inclusion, volunteerism, and women in technology also serve as a drive to help and support others. In my opinion and experience, it is so critically important to reach out a hand and support all people in their education journey, career journey, and life journey if they are seeking that support.
In this blog entitled Pearls of Wisdom, I will share with you some of my key experiences in life – career, family, and simply living life – hoping that you will gain some piece of a story or experience that will serve you well in your journey. My commitment in creating this blog is to be honest and share my challenges as boldly as I share my successes. I don’t have all of the answers to the challenges life brings but my hope is that the transparency of my experiences (and perhaps my reflections) can be of help, support, enlightenment, and even some laughter along the way.

“It Takes a Village” ….. and it is my hope that we live, learn, and laugh together through this journey!

Thank you for being a part of this experience and I look forward to learning from you as well.