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Be Aware

During this time of change …. in the way we live …. the way we work …. the way we connect … we all need to simply Be Aware. As we navigate through now weeks of pandemic social distancing and self-quarantine, I would ask each of us to think about the following: Be Aware of those who seem down and sad. People with depression, in situations like this, can find life even more… Continue reading Be Aware

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Being Grateful…Always

2017 and 2018 have been the most confusing, challenging, emotional, hardest, eye opening and unforgettable years of my life. Through it all, I have learned the meaning of gratitude – both receiving and giving. As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, there are many conversations around being thankful. Thankfulness and gratitude are the sisters of… Continue reading Being Grateful…Always

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A Mentoring Moment

Being nominated for recognition as a “mentor-protégé” award is a humbling honor for certain. And while this is truly exciting, I would say the experience to again “pay it forward” is more meaningful and certainly more of an honor. Mentorship and coaching is a responsibility I take very seriously.  Mentoring, guiding, and coaching support have… Continue reading A Mentoring Moment

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Thoughts on Work Life Integration Part V

Vacation time is an important employee benefit – it is critical for people to have time away from work to relax and disconnect from the pressures of the job. You won’t earn a promotion or get an achievement award for working on your vacation. If you manage people, just imagine the pressure you put on them… Continue reading Thoughts on Work Life Integration Part V