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Metaphoric Rising: The Ocean Mist

The Ocean Mist captures the world of depression and anxiety. The building intensity while desperately trying to mask the turmoil and simply trying to hold on …… for a better day. Many times however the journey of depression ends in suicide. As we think about notables – Robin Williams; Kate Spade; Anthony Bourdain; and Chester Bennington… Continue reading Metaphoric Rising: The Ocean Mist

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Being Grateful…Always

2017 and 2018 have been the most confusing, challenging, emotional, hardest, eye opening and unforgettable years of my life. Through it all, I have learned the meaning of gratitude – both receiving and giving. As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, there are many conversations around being thankful. Thankfulness and gratitude are the sisters of… Continue reading Being Grateful…Always

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Everyone Has A Story To Tell A colleague that I have never met sent me this link to Brene’ Brown's post on LinkedIn. Laura (my colleague) reads my blog and noted she appreciated my transparency in sharing about my husband’s death by suicide. Laura was kind to say that she thought of me after reading Brene’ Brown’s post and wanted… Continue reading Everyone Has A Story To Tell

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Managing Grief. Managing Life. Managing a Career. 

It is extremely difficult (more so than I ever imagined) to manage through the grief journey. I have also become quickly attune to the common misconceptions associated with grieving. Let’s begin with the notion that grieving is a “process” and somehow eventually you reach an “end point” of grief. What I have come to experience… Continue reading Managing Grief. Managing Life. Managing a Career.