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#2. Let Kindness Rule

Being kind is an important way of bringing meaning to our lives and the lives of others. Being kind allows us to communicate better, be more compassionate, and also be a positive force in people's lives. Kindness has its source of truth within each of us. Some people are innately kind and yet it's something… Continue reading #2. Let Kindness Rule

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Managing Grief. Managing Life. Managing a Career. 

It is extremely difficult (more so than I ever imagined) to manage through the grief journey. I have also become quickly attune to the common misconceptions associated with grieving. Let’s begin with the notion that grieving is a “process” and somehow eventually you reach an “end point” of grief. What I have come to experience… Continue reading Managing Grief. Managing Life. Managing a Career. 

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Dealing with Change: Action, Reaction, Pause

As we all know, the ever changing landscape of the work environment can cause angst at times. New leaders, an organizational shift or restructure, changing priorities and projects – all of these things can create feelings of uncertainty within the organization. During these times of flux, leaders have the responsibility to ensure that there is… Continue reading Dealing with Change: Action, Reaction, Pause

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Your Work Journal: the art and benefit of taking notes

Seems silly right? Who doesn’t take notes? Go to a meeting – take notes. Join a conference call – take notes. Meet with a client – take notes. We try and listen to the call, pay attention in the meeting, and ensure engagement with a client. Add in the rigor of taking notes – well… Continue reading Your Work Journal: the art and benefit of taking notes

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Is Your Glass Half Full?

Is your glass half full? Is it half empty? Might it be time to fill your glass? I was going to blog about this for the week and had some thoughts planned in advance. During my week at Wharton last week, I got some in-depth knowledge into Emotional Contagion – which reinforces the beliefs and… Continue reading Is Your Glass Half Full?

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Women’s Networks: Not for Women Only

Three months ago, a group of passionate and powerful women started the conversation around the potential of creating a Women’s Network ERG (employee resource group) in our Division HQ location. This past Friday, we held a coffee social event to measure the interest level in this affinity group. We had over 70 people join us… Continue reading Women’s Networks: Not for Women Only

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Coaching to Performance Excellence

I have been having so many conversations recently about coaching (in the workplace). It is truly quite fascinating how many people feel that coaching is a bad thing – in the workplace it has such a negative connotation. As I share these conversations with my team I leverage the analogy of professional sports – highly… Continue reading Coaching to Performance Excellence

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Connections, Recommendations, and Your Brand 

So interesting that recently over the past couple of months I have had many people reach out and connect with me on LinkedIn. I enjoy the connections and building of our professional networks. I am also honestly curious by the manner in which some of these new connections inmail me for a career recommendation and… Continue reading Connections, Recommendations, and Your Brand