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Coaching is an alliance between us that is a thought-provoking, creative process allowing you to maximize your personal and professional potential. During the coaching meetings, we work on clarifying your values, identifying plans of action, and developing a strategy for personal accountability. We design ways to celebrate your successes and accomplishments. Making life changes takes a commitment to do the work. Homework is usually given between coaching sessions. 


It is my responsibility to hold you accountable for what you say you want even when it is difficult to hear.  As your coach, I ask powerful questions. Although I will appropriately share my ideas, expertise, and suggestions; it is my belief that most of your answers are within you.  My commitments include maintaining an objective perspective, challenging the exploration of new thoughts and behaviors, and to maintain the agreed upon terms of confidentiality.


Your responsibility is to co-create and implement your vision, to explore and be open to shifting your ideas, decisions, and behaviors, to be willing to challenge yourself in new ways, to commit adequate time for coaching, be open to feedback, and to be open and honest.  


HERE WE GO! Get Ready!  Your journey is about to begin……..





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