“After three career coaching sessions with Leslie Buckley, I’ve already accomplished personal and professional goals that I’ve been hesitant about pursuing for years. Leslie’s positive energy and encouraging attitude have been pivotal in building my confidence and expanding my impact. She truly has a gift and a passion for developing professionals, and she leverages her own executive career experience to give real-world examples and recommendations. I’m so grateful to Leslie for the huge impact she’s had in my success!” – Jill

“I was fortunate enough to have Leslie as a Mentor through the Women in Cable Telecommunications Mentor program in 2018. That experience was nothing short of life changing. Leslie’s caring, generous and honest approach to our partnership has made a world of difference for me, especially in my professional life, and I will take her advice with me wherever I go. She provided specific suggestions and feedback during goal-setting sessions, helped to expand my network and knowledge of the business, and provided a safe space for professional and personal conversations. In our partnership, and with everything she does, Leslie commits one hundred percent and continues to challenge and push her team, while providing support and guidance all along the way. Because of her approach and dedication, she makes it easy to ask questions, address difficult situations and take risks. It was a true gift to be paired with Leslie and I look forward to continuing our partnership in the future!”  – Lexi


“I had the pleasure of first meeting Leslie during a leadership summit where she mentored me regarding my professional career, providing valuable coaching and techniques that have continued to enhance my career.”  – Jennifer